Recent restoration

This is the programme of the appointments:

14 May 2018

Restoration of the painting Trinità by Mariotto Albertinelli

Restorer: Silvia Verdianelli – Department curator: Donatella Fratini

9 July 2018

Restoration of the sculpture Busto di Michelangelo Buonarroti by Daniele da Volterra

Restorer: Nicola Salvioli – Department curator: Donatella Fratini

10 September 2018

Restoration of the painting Incoronazione della Vergine di Giovanni Dal Ponte

Restorer: Lucia Dori – Department curator: Angelo Tartuferi

12 November 2018

Restoration of the Croce by Maestro del Crocifisso Corsi

Restorers: Alzeni-Buda-Fürst – Department curator: Angelo Tartuferi

14 January 2019

Restoration of the painting Annunciazione by Neri di Bicci

Restorer: Silvia Bensi – Department curator: Angelo Tartuferi

11 March 2019

Restoration of the painted Cross by Cimabuesque Painter of the late thirteenth century (Inv. 1890 n. 1345)

Restorer: Sandra Pucci – Department curator: Angelo Tartuferi



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