2016-2022: Report of the Galleria dell’Accademia

The Report, which can be downloaded freely at this link, contains some numbers on the first page, starting from an evidence of 2020 of which we are very proud: despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, 50% of our visitors were under 25 years old.
In recent years, 15 new artworks have been purchased, 24,176 documents have been scanned from the important Lorenzo Bartolini archive, large construction sites have been carried out involving 3000 sqm of the museum surface, and 50 videos and 20 podcasts have been recorded to tell you about the Galleria.
The report is divided into sections dedicated to the projects created in recent years: from educational and didactic activities to collaborations with schools, universities and international institutions; from exhibitions to conferences; from photographic campaigns to the newest technologies used for the conservation and enhancement of the artworks.
Finally, you will also find our administrative information, in compliance with the principle of transparency.


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