The new Gipsoteca

The Gipsoteca has reopened to the public with a new layout curated by Cecilie Hollberg with the advice of Professor Carlo Sisi. The “gipsoteca” colour, a powder blue chosen for the walls and for the long shelves, on which the plaster models stand out harmoniously, is the characterising element of this space. The layout, although changed, and enriched by many plaster casts which, due to lack of space, were kept in the offices of the Galleria, intends to respect Sandra Pinto’s main ideas of 1985. The Director of that time, taking inspiration from the photos of Lorenzo Bartolini’s studio in Florence, imagined recreating the atmosphere of a nineteenth-century sculpture studio. It is no coincidence that Carlo Sisi, an expert in nineteenth-century art and assistant to Sandra Pinto in the 1985 exhibition, assisted Director Hollberg in planning the renovation of the Gipsoteca.

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